The new Nexus ,,

The LG Nexus smartphone rumors are coming in thick and fast, with each one adding a new piece to the puzzle that is very close to being complete.

First off, there are couple of new pictures as seen below that show the phone in a better light. The back says ‘with Google’ that has raised a few questions, as Nexus phones usually have just the Google logo on the back. Then again, this is not a final product so the back could change by the time it releases. In fact, from what we have heard, the actual phone has a Nexus logo, with a big multi-colored ‘X’ in the middle.

Next bit of rumor pegs the worldwide launch date on October 29. This bit of information comes from a French publication Le Figaro. They also say that France itself will get the phone around December.

According to the site the specs match many of the previous leaks saying it’s similar to the Optimus G, rocking a 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, 1280×768 4.7-inch display and 2GB of RAM, but only 8GB of storage built-in and an 8MP camera. It’s running the just-released Android 4.1.2 for now, so unfortunately there’s no hint of any potential Android 4.2 features. Hit the source link to check out a few more quality snaps of the “with Google” handset, but at this rate we’ll probably have more details any minute now.


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